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Most Expensive City for Locals Isn’t New York…

…but rather, Mumbai, according to this article.

How much would it cost for the average local to buy a luxury apartment in the world’s most important cities? In Singapore, it would take four decades of income. In Shanghai, two centuries. And in Mumbai — poor souls — they’d be looking at a good three centuries of hard work.

The obvious problem, of course, is comparing average income with luxury apartments. This study says a lot more about income disparity than it does about housing affordability.

Interesting numbers, sloppy work on the chart title.

UPDATE: The original Bloomberg piece the above article is based on is also full of sloppy writing.

Prime-location home prices in Mumbai averaged $11,400 a square meter in the quarter to Dec. 31, while India’s per-capita purchasing power was $3,700, the data show.

Two big problems: 1) comparing average Indian income to Mumbai housing prices is silly: average incomes in Mumbai are likely much higher than for India as a whole, and 2) “per-capita purchasing power” is the wrong thing to compare to the price of housing in nominal terms. You can’t buy a house with adjusted purchasing power–last I checked, banks wanted real money.

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  1. marco golardi
    April 12, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    Is it true ? Can we assure the economy growth from apartment ?

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