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Free Advice for Students Applying for School, Work or an Internship

September 3, 2012 Leave a comment

If you email someone an important document, such as your resume, you have no control over what software the person to whom you are sending it will use to open and read it.

That means all your careful formatting work (what? you didn’t pay careful attention to format? stop reading and see below) could be ruined. Even worse, the file format you send may not be readable by the software the receiver is using. It’s anyone’s guess how it will look when printed!

Solution: save the document as a PDF. There are many free PDF converters, and Adobe has some more robust tools (but you’ll have to pay for them).

That way, you can be confident that the person opening the document will see the formatting just as you intended it.

(Ok, for all you guys who didn’t pay attention to formatting because you think content is all that should matter: a poorly formatted resume just screams, “I’m not ready for work in the adult world.” Do the hard work of making it look professional.)

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Employed In A Fast-Changing Industry

September 3, 2012 Leave a comment

This story on universities that offer online education in Asia caught my attention:

Thousands of kilometres from Kuala Lumpur in Cameroon, doctoral student Michael Nkwenti Ndongfack attends his Open University Malaysia classes online and hopes to defend his final thesis by Skype.

That’s especially relevant to me: many of my “customers” are those very students who will find online education a great value. Just the cost of travel between places like Ghana and China–there are few direct flights–makes actually living here to study more expensive. Online education would allow students to live at home, save the travel costs, and invest more of their available education funds in education itself.

To remain competitive with these online universities, schools like mine could:

1. Provide more opportunities to connect with Chinese business owners, importers and exporters,

2. Emphasize language learning and get more effective at language teaching,

3. Offer homestay programs instead of the traditional “foreign dorm” environment, and

4. Give more opportunities for education with local students.

Otherwise, it’s going to get harder to justify flying here to sit in a classroom with other foreign students, when the same education can be had online.

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