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NYT vs. WaPo on the Government and Job Creation

This week in intro micro we’ll cover the effect of government on markets–price ceiling and floors, and taxes, in particular.

Job creation and the role of government is a hot topic in the U.S. election, so for students interested this topic, I suggest these two articles outlining competing views:

An unsigned NYT editorial The Myth of Job Creation

The government does not create jobs? It most certainly does. And at this time of state budgetary hardship, a dose of federal fiscal aid to states and localities could create more jobs, in both the public and private sectors.

Robert Samuelson’s The Flat-earth Theory of Job Creation:

What the Times omits is the money to support all these government jobs. It must come from somewhere — generally, taxes or loans (bonds, bills). But if the people whose money is taken via taxation or borrowing had kept the money, they would have spent most or all of it on something — and that spending would have boosted employment.


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