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ClassVideo: Rail

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Krugman is Right

Fighting-LionsGreg Mankiw in a characteristically lighthearted smack down of Paul Krugman:

In a recent blog post, Paul Krugman writes:

As far as I know, among basic textbooks only Krugman/Wells even talks about the liquidity trap.

This is probably a true statement.  It is not that other books don’t cover the topic, however.  It is just that Paul Krugman doesn’t know it.


Class Video: Why Do Countries Restrict Trade?

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Midterm Bets

Just for fun, I let students in the Transnational Corporation Management Class bet me points on the basis of how they scored on the midterm. It was all voluntary, so any student who did not want to bet didn’t have to play.

For students already in the top half of the class, I bet them 10 points that they would get a midterm score in the top half of the class. Even bet: +10 points if you do, -10 points if you don’t.

The following 17 students took that bet and won the 10 points: 69690, 1725, 9450, 2009, 5819, 1519, 291, 1728, 19541, 5510, 1900, 5433, 1680, 1112, 711, 2243, and 6564.

Sadly, one student (1333) who was in the top half of the class took the bet but scored on the midterm in the bottom half: -10 points.

Even sadder, four students (9229, 533, 666, and 4202) in the bottom half of the class bet they would finish in the top half on the midterm but did not, so: -10 points.

Special congratulations to the four students (3106, 6688, 3003 and 1168) who were in the bottom half of the class but bet that they would finish in the top half of midterm scores and did: +20 points!

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