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MOOCs May Do for Education What TV Did for Sports


The Economist has another article on the phenomenon of online education, this time focusing on the question of whether or not any provider has actually hit on a viable business model.

Besides the uncertainty over which business model, if any, will produce profits, there is disagreement over how big the market will be. Some see a zero- or negative-sum game, in which cheap online providers radically reduce the cost of higher education and drive many traditional institutions to the wall. Others believe this effect will be dwarfed by the dramatic increase in access to higher education that the MOOCs will bring.

There are some interesting angles here, including the idea that MOOCs may open higher education to advertising sponsorship.

One idea that isn’t mentioned is the possibility for MOOCs to introduce the superstar phenomena to higher education. Many teachers and universities are going to be made obsolete, but the best teachers will be able to be experienced by millions of students. The current upper limit of the number of students who can consume the output of a top-ranked university professor’s lecture is in the hundreds.

Prepare for the coming superstar educator.

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