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Practice on Welfare Economics Answers

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16, 80, 480, 640, 1,120, 90, 480 and 570

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Class Video: Why Do Countries Restrict Trade?

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Class Video on Trade and the Steel Industry

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Public Choice Economics

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Since we’ll be getting into some related topics soon in Microeconomics class, here’s an interesting take on the latesy controversy involving Jonathan Gruber.

Even democratic political processes that are inclusive and non-corrupt feature inordinate amounts of free-riding and other ‘market-failure’ flaws that render such processes much less likely to work to promote the general welfare than the champions of politics suppose.

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A Commodities Question

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Betcha don’t know what goes in the blank:

“Apart from water and air, ___ is the natural element most in demand around the world…”

Read the whole thing. It’s got all kinds of economic angles!

Ironic Headlines

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In the SCMP:

China GDP forecast to hit 24-year low of 7.4pc


Or, one could say, “China GDP defies all historical trends to expand, again, faster than all but a few of the world’s economies.”

Journalists who write about economics often lack perspective.

UPDATE: This is better.

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An Amazing Chart

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