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Answer to Yesterday’s Quick Quiz

Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda

What do the six countries Ethiopia, Congo (Kinshasa), Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Rwanda have in common? The correct answer is:

c) They make up half the list of the world’s best performing economies over the past few years.

If you chose (a), (b) or (d), your perceptions may be stuck in the past.

For (a), Africa does indeed have many of the world’s worst performing economies for growth, including South Sudan, Burundi, Libya, Equatorial Guinea, and Sierra Leone. So if you picked (a), the problem is seeing “Africa” as a whole, at a time when many of its economies are going in very different directions.

For (b), none of the six countries listed are among the 20 countries Transparency International says have the worst reputations for corruption. Tanzania and Mozambique tie for #119 of 174–not great, but far from worst. Rwanda comes in at #55, ahead of Greece!

If you picked (d), you’d be closer. Mozambique, Ethiopia and Congo are, in fact, three of the poorest countries in the world in terms of nominal per capita income, and none of the six countries listed above are in the middle-income tier. If they maintain the growth rates of the past few years, though, they will quickly move up the ladder. Botswana, for example, now has a standard of living comparable to Mexico.

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