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Evidence of Cheating

I had a photocopy made of today’s quiz while I was lecturing. At the end of class, I had the students grade their own quizzes, after reminding them repeatedly to grade with integrity.

Unfortunately, 17 students changed something on their papers–some changed many answers–and marked the changed answer or answers “correct,” increasing their scores.

For example, here’s the original paper with C and D blank, and a wrong answer for E:

And here’s the same paper after the student graded it, with answers added to C and D, and E changed:

Here is a second example, of a paper that was turned in with only one correct answer, everything else blank:

01 Before

And here’s the same paper after the student “graded” it:

01 After

In the third example, the student would have scored 4 out of 6…

03 Before

…but couldn’t resist changing the first answer, and adding the second answer during grading:

03 After

Not a good move.

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