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More Evidence of Cheating

This time it was on JaLaine’s midterm exam.

She gave two different versions of the same test, with just the order of the questions rearranged.

Several students obviously cheated. Here’s an example, where all of the answers on the blue test are exactly the same as all the answers on the green test–and all are wrong! These two students were seated next to each other. The cheating student even copied the wrong answers of the student with the green test paper.

26 and 27

Here’s another example:

46 and 47

The answers on the blue test are all incorrect–and all match exactly the answers on the green test of the student in the next seat.

To the students who care about academic integrity: you must help us drive this out of your class. It will destroy your class morale. It will destroy your teachers’ motivation to create high quality classes.

Marginalize them. Encourage them to transfer to another program or university. Make it clear that you do not respect their lack of integrity.

There has to be a cost for this–an academic cost, and a social cost.

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